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Guruvalaya is one of the Pondicherry Premier Badminton Academy operating since 1998, located in Ambal Nagar. The facility hosts three wooden badminton court, we conduct a badminton tournament's every year. With Guruvalaya pioneering the growth of Badminton in the city, corporates, professionals, amateurs and Badminton enthusiasts can upscale their badminton skills from the guest play, membership and coaching services provided by the facility.

The game changing announcement being the 'travel allowance scheme for Main draw players' for National level Tournaments.


Guruvalaya Academy Facilities

We have Six courts, Three indoor synthetic Badminton court and Three wooden Badminton courts with floodlight facility and 33 Feet high ceiling. Our imported synthetic badminton floorboards add stability to footwork while playing, provide excellent bounce when you jump, engross shock and cut the impact of your knees and foot when landing on the floor. Please refer the right-hand side sectional view of the flooring. Our Badminton court flooring is made of three covers, lower layer for absorbing impact and shock wave. Middle layer adds steadiness and the upper level provide anti-slip property. Please visit facilities page for more details.


Guruvalaya runs on an honour way, the players and the members are expected to be friendly and courteous to other players. The members are expected to adhere the following rules and to ensure the guest players to follow the same.

Dress code:

Players should always come in proper attire ( T-SHIRTS , SHORTS OR TRACKS ) at all times inside the court.

Foot wear:

It is recommended to wear clean sports non marking badminton shoes.

Playing with bare foot , leather shoes, joggers, sandals and spiked shoes are not allowed.


Guest players are allowed to play only after prior permission and they should be recommended by a member of the centre.

Guest players should make the payment before using the badminton court and the responsibility fall on the recommending member.


Regular mopping should be done by the players (students) under the supervision of the coaches.

  • The centre shall remain open from 5 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays from 5 AM to 12 Noon. The remaining hours on request basis.

  • The centre can only be used by the registered members and players. And they can only use for playing badminton and not for other sports/ activities.

  • No food items/beverages is allowed inside the badminton hall. Water bottles are permitted to use only in the non playing area.

  • Squeezing the sweat dress and changing the dress inside the badminton court is not permitted.

  • Avoid dropping/throwing hard objects/racquets on the court surface as it will damage the court surface

  • Sitting or climbing on the tables is not allowed inside or in waiting hall at all times.

  • Smoking and drinking or consuming any type of tobacco and alcoholic items is prohibited within the surrounding of the centre.

  • Recreation players should maintain their time slot.

  • Last person to leave the centre should ensure the doors are secure, the lights are turned off.
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